Monday, September 26, 2011

The True Heart of Communism

Here's a short but too-the-point posting on the BoingBoing site:
China Communist Party official who kept sex slaves in basement loses job

By Xeni Jardin at 12:36 pm Monday, Sep 26

A man who is accused of holding six women as sex slaves in a dungeon for two years and killing two of them has been terminated from his government post and stripped of his Communist Party membership.
I guess they are going to have to dig up Mao and strip him of his "party membership" since he was guilty of enslaving nearly a billion Chinese and killing 40 million Chinese. Sadly, we know they won't because slavery and killing people is at the heart of Communism. It has been there since the "communism" was founded when a minority split from the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labor Party and had the audacity to call themselves the "majority" (in Russian "Bolshevik").

Burying bodies is something that the political extremes of both the left and right love to indulge in. They both beat their chest over their "love of the people" but as best I can tell, they want robots not people and they are only too happy to kill those who don't fit their blinkered view of "the good life". The 20th century was the scourge of history because of political extremists on right and left indulged their fanaticism and left hundreds of millions of dead bodies littering that "stage of history".

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