Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maureen Dowd Skewers Obama

Dowd compares Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and poor Obama just doesn't measure up. Read her opinion piece in the NY Times. It is enlightening and funny.

Here's the bottom line:
Obama concedes that he has lost the narrative that brought him to the White House against all odds: his vision for making America great. Suskind’s book suggests he went astray in the sway of Wall Street pal Tim Geithner, going too easy on the gluttonous bankers, demanding no important concessions from them and throwing the equitable balance of society out of whack.

Now the president is trapped in two damaging story lines. Is he too weak and immature to do the job? Or is he too cool and distant to do the job?
I would say that Obama is a snake oil salesman. He learned to say what people wanted to hear, but he never developed a soul. There is no centre. Deep inside he doesn't really care for anything other than climbing to the top of the heap. He has happily manipulated people all his life telling them what ever story line he sensed that they wanted to hear. That worked for him. But not that he is on top of the mountain, he finally realized the buck stops with him and he is coming up $1.10 short.

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