Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mitt Romney Catering to the Anti-Intellecutalism of America's Right Wing Politics

This post is funny because the author has caught to pot calling the kettle black... oh so apropos for Romney criticizing Obama...
Harvard-supported Harvard Grad Mitt Romney Criticizes Obama for being a Harvard-supported Harvard Grad

by Wilfred Chan | September 28, 2011 at 8:25 am

Good ol’ scrappy Republican “man of the people” Mitt Romney has been using Barack Obama’s elitist, Ivy-League pedigree as a punchline in recent campaign speeches, deriding the president’s foreign policy as no more than a ill-advised surrender scheme cooked up by effete snobs in the “Harvard faculty lounge,” out of touch with “what they know on the battlefield”.

Ignoring the laughable notion that Mitt Romney ever even got close to a real battlefield, we find a lot of reasons why this most recent spat of Harvard-bashing fails the giggle test (and miserably so).
  • Mitt Romney holds not one, but two degrees from Harvard: a JD and an MBA earned in 1975, when he graduated in the top 5% of his class.

  • Harvard international relations professor and former Bush aide Meghan O’Sullivan is one of Romney’s foreign policy advisers.

  • Harvard economics professor, daddy of the Bush tax cuts — and author of many a textbook – N. Gregory Mankiw is Romney’s chief economic adviser. (Like Romney, Mankiw is also a pretty bad actor.)

  • Three of Romney’s sons graduated from Harvard Business School (and also none have served in the armed forces).

  • Mitt Romney gave $50,000 to Harvard Business School in 2003.

  • The “Harvard faculty lounge” is quite cozy with Mitt: since 2002, Romney has received more than $56,000 from people who are either current Harvard professors or married to one.

  • Fuck Mitt Romney.
I have no love for either of them. They are both "plastic people". Obama has shown no concern for the bottom 90% who are suffering through a deep recession. Instead he is busy keeping Wall Street happy. Meanwhile, Romney is a complete bimbo who, like Bush, probably couldn't find his way out of a toilet if he didn't have one of his "staff" to advise him on where to go and how to open and close those complicated things called "door handles".

To refresh your memory, here is a previous Harvard (and Yale) graduate showing some of the smarts he learned from America's Ivy League colleges...

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Anonymous said...

Bob D says..

Two lying hypocrites when it comes to foreign policy. Obama gets elected as a peace candidate and esculates the wars. But Romney sees that times have changed. With the wars out of the news or misrepresented by the MSM he figures he can quietly assure his warmonger base that he will be a better choice for perpetual war advocates than Obama while sounding peaceful. Will it work? Sure! Most of the 78% of the voters who want us to withdraw aren't listening.