Monday, September 26, 2011

Linda McQuaing Calls for Another Canadian "Me Too!"

Funny how Canada toddles after America. Nothing succeeds in Canada until it "proves" itself in the US. Ideas aren't serious until advocated south of the border. And "leadership" in Canada is pointing out that something is done in the US so it surely must be tried out in Canada as well.

Here's a bit from Linda McQuaig offering a "me too!" on taxes and social policy in her column in the Toronto Sun:
Canada’s ultra-rich — those in the top 0.01 per cent — now have a bigger share of national income than at any point in Canadian history, according to data compiled by McMaster University economist Michael Veall. But the median Canadian family income hasn’t grown in 30 years; in fact, it’s declined from $48,800 (in today’s dollars) to $46,700.

This means ordinary Canadians have little buying power, reducing the incentive for business and the wealthy to invest their substantial cash reserves in ways that create jobs.

As growing inequality becomes a global issue, the subject is strangely absent from Canadian politics, including the current Ontario election.

While the NDP has called for increased corporate taxes, it’s retreated in recent years from urging higher taxes on the rich — as even Bob Rae did when he was Ontario NDP leader. In the 1990 provincial election, Rae ran on a platform that included a provincial estate tax — and won a majority government.

Is it too much to hope that our most progressive party would take a stand as progressive as the president of the United States and America’s second richest man?
Don't get me wrong. I'm behind McQuaig's advocacy. My problem is that it is packaged up with a pretty ribbon and bow of "me too!".

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