Monday, September 19, 2011

Your Friend, Mr. Policeman

Funny. When I was a kid I was taught that Mr. Policeman was my friend. I've since learned to give them wide berth because you can't predict how they will behave and you essentially have no rights unless you have lots of money and powerful friends to help you buy/bribe the appropriate "justice".

Here is a case of an adolescent who was beaten and arrested "because he had a suspicious bulge in his pants". That was a colostomy bag. And the guy suffered Down's symdrome so when the police got pushy and aggressive, the poor kid did what any normal person (or animal) would do. He tried to flee. That simply enraged the cop who was too stupid to recognize mental impairment or be acquainted with the need for colostomy bags.

And here is the case of a physically disabled woman sitting in front of her house who didn't jump when a cop ordered her to "jump". She mistakenly believed that she had a right to sit on her property and wait for the ice cream truck to drive by so she could get some ice cream. The cop "subdued" her so violently during her arrest she had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries during the "arrest".

It is good to see that the "land of the free" has police to make sure that freedom is properly respected. It is so heart-warming to read that "the best country in the world" is protected by diligent police who aren't confused or impeded by mental retardation or physical disability. They believe in dishing out "justice" to any and all with an "even hand".

When you read the above, you can understand why the US is busy killing thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are simply doing "police work" on an international scale bringing the fruits of American "freedom" and "love of liberty" to everyone.

I wish I lived in a world where the police were in fact "working for the people" and respected citizen's rights. But sadly, I live in an alternate universe where the police feel they are employed by the top 1% to enforce a system where the job of the bottom 99% is to help enrich to top 1%. In this alternate universe, the laws are written to give tax cuts to the rich while providing the "benefits" of fees and hidden taxes to the bottom 99%. The judicial system is a pompous, expensive, ridiculous system that delivers "justice" that is tangential to real justice. The rich get their wrists slapped no matter how many victims and how seriously harmed those victims are. The poor get manhandled and long prison terms for their "crimes" no matter how little real harm (if any) was done because "everybody knows" the poor are dangerous and must be watched closely and severely punished for the least intimation that they might step out of line.

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