Thursday, September 15, 2011

Robert Reich Calls Out Six Lies

Reich is speaking at the "Summit For A Fair Economy" in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 10, 2011. He attacks are the foundational lies that have allowed Republicans to distort the economy for the last 30 years to the benefit for the ultra-rich:

The lies Reich debunks:

1) Tax cuts to the rich and corporations trickle down to the rest of us. (No it doesn't and it never has.)

2) If you shrink government you create jobs. (No, you get rid of jobs that way.)

3) High taxes on the rich hurts the economy. (No, the economy grew when the US did this under Eisenhower.)

4) Debt is to be avoided and it is mostly caused by Medicare. (No, if debt is properly used to grow the economy, it becomes a smaller part of the budget because of increased revenue and Medicare has the lowest overhead of any health insurance plan out there.)

5) Social Security is a Ponzi scheme (No, its solid for 26 years. Social Security is solid beyond that if the rich pay the same percentage in social security taxes as the rest of us do.)

6) We need to tax the poor. (This is what Republicans have been proposing when they say any "tax reform" needs to involve all Americans because poor people pay no income tax. The poor have no money and taxing them will not solve our budget problems.)

I'm impressed by the strong approval of this youthful audience for the message that Reich presents. This gives me hope for the future.

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