Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inequality in America

Here's an informative video:

So, Proctor & Gamble have decided there is no future for the middle class, so they are adopting an "hour glass" strategy with products for the rich and products for the poor while eliminating brands for the middle class. That's the sad future for "the American Dream".

Notice that these two moderators identify the solution of the 1930s Great Depression as "tax the rich" to kick start the economy by helping to move money back into the hands of the working and (disappearing) middle class. This is something the Republicans won't consider. They will die defending the rights of the billionaires to bleed the economy dry.

I find it extremely interesting that these two guys who make their living talking to the investor class are admitting that the rich must be taxed and that without this change of policy America is sliding into a revolution. These are words I would never, never expected to hear 2 years ago. But it shows you how badly things are going and how poorly Obama has managed the economy. The Republicans are blocking all change, but Obama isn't demanding change. The ship of state is rudderless in dangerous seas. The word "revolution" should make the hairs on the back of the neck of the rich rise. It should put fear into them.

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