Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hidden Side of Climate Science

Here is an interview with James Delingpole:

I am a skeptic about "global warming", but Delingpole is way over the top with his claim that "global communism" needed a new organization to cloak their subversive activities so they took up the "green" cause. That is nutty.

I agree with Delingpole that hidebound leftists use an argument about "the end of resources" to sell a new kind of Puritan austerity. My response is to grow the economy and push technology forward to solve problems, not put restrictions and limitations in place to create a stasis in which the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich. But I disagree with Delingpole's right wing politics.

The problem is that the political types on right and left are nutty. The "global warming" crowd is full of ideologues and the hidebound "skeptic" side is filled with right wing nuts. Personally, I side with the skeptics, but I find both right and left political types have burrowed into a scientific debate and turned it into a political fight. It isn't. It is a scientific question. The political types need to be drummed out and the field of climate "science" be handed back to real scientists so that it can become a real climate science and not the ridiculous "the science is settled" pretend science of the global warming crowd.

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