Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Thoughts on America

I listened to a bit of the Republican presidential candidate debate. It was a fancy event held in the huge "Reagan Presidential Library". Since when does the US build pyramids for their pharaohs? this wasn't true up through the 1960s but something has change, presidents are kings and their deaths require hecatombs to be sacrificed to properly send them off.

These "debates" superficially they sound wonderful. The moderators are polite. Everybody is preened and confident. They have rehearsed their lines so each candidate sound as if he has a plan. They all agree that Obama failed. They all claim that they could just snap their fingers and in two weeks recreate a better America while Obama has struggled mightily and given birth to a mouse.

But when you step back and use knowledge about the real political situation, these people are idiots. Their “solutions” are more of the old voodoo economics that has failed so badly. They ignore the obstructionist Republican Congress. These candidates are still selling deregulation.

Ron Paul wants no regulations on business because he knows that “the market will regulate the businesses”. This despite the $10 trillion evidence that when you let Wall Street set up securitized mortgages based on “liar’s loans” you can destroy the economy. Ron Paul doesn’t believe there is such a thing as a Bernard Madoff. He knows that the market would self-regulate and all those investors would be wise and avoid Madoff’s ponzi scheme. But in the real world they didn’t.

I can see how ordinary folk fall for these lies. It takes some broad knowledge, a daily study of the political players and their acts and words, and a critical mind that isn't easily bamboozled by lies.

I'm truly frightened that one of these fanatics will be elected president of the US.

Meanwhile, in Carson City, Nevada we have yet again “proof” of the NRA slogan that “guns don’t kill, people do”. Yep... if Eduardo Sencion had a water pistol, he would have killed 5. The fact that he had an assault rifle with a magazine of 30 or so bullets that let him unleash a “pop pop pop pop...” string of bullets didn’t kill anybody. Guns just don’t kill. Obviously Sencion would have done the same damage roaming the IHOP and environs with a water pistol. The NRA has demonstrated this fundamental truth. There is nothing here but a sad fact that people kill and there is nothing to be done about this tragedy of "people killing people" except arm everybody to the teeth so that the next fight will be more like “the last of the Alamo” and less of a slaughter of the innocents.

Nutty... the US is insane and the American people don’t even realize it.

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