Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Sensible Proposal

Here is a proposal from Thomas E. Ricks that makes sense to me:
Our nation's two most wrongheaded wars were launched by Texans. This is not a partisan crack -- LBJ was a Democrat, and George W. Bush a Republican. But it is a regionalist crack--the more I listen to Rick "Lynch Mob" Perry, the more I think we may need the following constitutional amendment:
"No citizen of the state of Texas may be eligible to serve as president of the United States until five decades have passed since the end of the last war waged by a president from Texas."
If only it were that easy. sadly, it is the American people who keep voting in idiots to lead them. You would think after the disaster of LBJ and his war, and the big lie of Nixon with his "secret plan" to end that war, and Reagan with his wild spending splurge based on voodoo economics, and George Bush with his wars of "choice", and now Obama who promises one thing running for office and delivers something else in office, that American voters would be jaundiced and savvy in their review of potential presidential candidates. But this year proves that they are ready to double down by electing a Mini-Me George Bush in Rick Perry. Incredible.

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