Monday, September 12, 2011

Listen the Republicans Talking Out of Both Sides of Their Mouth

Here is a bit from a post by Ezra Klein in his WonkBlog in the Washington Post. Klein has dug up the evidence that the Republicans are hypocrites about "stimulus". Just 10 years ago it was excellent politics and just what the economy needed. Today it is "socialism" and is to be fought tooth-and-nail
Want to know why President Obama is going to have such a hard time persuading Republicans to support his jobs proposals this week? Don’t ask a pundit, or a politician, or a pollster. Ask a psychologist.

It has become common for Republicans to deride the very concept of stimulus as absurd, to mock Keynesian economics as an ivory-tower fantasy, and to oppose temporary tax cuts as a recession-fighting measure. But during the Bush administration? All that was orthodox conservative policy.

In 2001, Grover Norquist called a national sales-tax holiday “exactly the kind of immediate stimulus our shell-shocked economy needs now.” Norquist went on to quote George W. Bush’s chief economist, Glenn Hubbard, saying we needed stimulus “sooner rather than later.” Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) introduced a bill to that effect.

Around the same time, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) held a hearing in which he invited Kevin Hassett, a conservative economist based at the American Enterprise Institute, to make the case for a fiscal stimulus. “The economists who studied this were quite surprised to find that fiscal policy in recessions was reasonably effective,” Hassett testified. “It is just that folks tried a first punch that was too light and that generally we didn’t get big measures until well into the recession.”
All the old lawyer jokes apply to the Republicans:
Want to know how to tell when a Republican is lying? His lips are moving.
They have sold their soul to the Devil. They will lie about anything to win elections. They have no principles other than greed and "looking out for Number One".

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