Sunday, May 15, 2011

Low Tech Solutions for a Better World

I don't enjoy people lecturing, sermonizing, or hectoring me to sign up for their vision of a better world. I prefer it when people simply show what they have and let you decide for yourself.

Here's some stuff by an interesting guy named Willis Eschenbach on a cheap tech way to get safe drinking water for the billion poorest people on earth while finding a real use for old water bottles:
One of the joys of writing for this blog is that I can promote good ideas. Here’s one I just came across, thanks to a commenter on another post of mine. The idea is solar disinfection of water, or SODIS. Follow the link, lots of good info.

The idea is bozo simple. Put water into a clear plastic bottle. Shake it up well to oxygenate it. Put it out in the sun. Six hours in the sun and the oxygen plus the solar UV kills diarrhea.

I mean, how great is that? Now that’s solar tech I can get behind 100% … plus it uses up old water bottles. And doesn’t require any chemicals. Brilliant. Get the word out. Kids’ lives are at stake.
Why hasn't something like this been funded by Canada's CIDA or by the US's USAID. Oh wait a second... the real purpose of these "aid" bureaucrats is to sell surplus goods from the mother country, or sucker a poor country into dependency on some expensive good sold by the mother country, all done under the auspice of "aid". So a cheap technology that actually helps people never catches the bureaucrat's attention. Instead you fund "showcase" technology and other boondoggles.

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