Saturday, May 28, 2011

How the Media "Works" in America

This is an excellent post by Dean Baker on his Beat the Press blog:
Is It a Fact That the U.S. Deficit Is "Ballooning?"

The Congressional Budget Office actually projects that the deficit is on a downward path, but the NYT still felt the need to tell readers that the deficit is "ballooning" in an article on the agenda for an upcoming meeting of G-8 leaders. The article also felt the need to describe the deficit as "giant."

These comments reflect the reporters or editors political views. They do not inform readers about facts in the world.
Why bother sending reporters out onto the street when you can simply make the stories up? That's the formula for success for the tabloid press. Dean Baker is pointing out that mainstream media has caught on and and is using this "cost cutting" measure. Not only does it save costs, it allows them to "spin" the news the way their masters want it presented.

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