Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Call for Hardy Pioneers to Step Forward

Time to get into your space suit and head out to the new frontier. A place of natural unsullied beauty not yet marred by man's greed. From AGI News:
The first planet almost inhabitable with liguid water has been discovered 20 light years from Earth and astronomers belief is is almost as inhabitable as earth. The planet is called Gliese 581d and orbits around a red dward star. Gliese appears to be a lucky planet situated on the edge of the so-calle 'Goldilocks zone' or Green Belt of space where condisitions favour the presence of life. A study published by the Astrophysical Journals Letters reports that this planet has a mass six times that of Earth and is double it's size...
I'm wondering if I can just strap on my jet pack and blast off today. Let's see. It's only 20 light years away... if I pack some extra bottle of oxygen and a couple more power bars, I should be all set.

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