Saturday, May 28, 2011

Locked Out

I just suffered three days of being unable to log in to my blogger account. There is nothing at the Blogger status page about this problem, but if you do look under "known issues" they have this very short, very unhelpful bit:
We're investigating an issue which is preventing login and comment posting for some users, and hope to have a fix released shortly.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime. — LATEST UPDATE ON TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2011

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Given the service outage two weeks ago that kept blogging down for a day and meant that items posted on May 12 only showed up slowly over the next week with no explanation, this indicates to me that Google has "lost interest" in Blogger. I guess it isn't making the big bucks that the overpaid employees and over-compensated stock holders of Google need to keep the lifestyles to which they have become "accustomed".

I find the number of bugs and failings of Google's Blogger to be outrageous. I worked in the industry building systems where 10 to maybe 100 people would use the systems we built. We built sound software and when something did go wrong (and our sites were around the world so service was sometimes very hard) we got things back up in hours and at most a day or two. Blogger has tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of users, and the quality of the software is truly crappy compared to what I'm used to producing. And to cap this off, Google, Apple, and Microsoft -- all the big boys -- love to pound themselves on the back about hiring "the best" and being "the brightest". I don't think so. They seem slightly better than mediocre but they certainly strike me as overpaid and far too cosseted with management treating them like little princes and princesses.

I simply can't trust that Blogger will be available or reliable. Don't be surprised if this blog simply comes to an end one day either because Goggle can't be bothered to fix its own bugs or because I've simply grown too frustrated with "service" to continue posting thoughts on this increasingly unreliable tool.


thomas said...


My blogging has been slow, so I have not been aware of these problems and traveling for two days has kept me "away". You are the second blog that I follow to complain about it; Southern Beale had a lot of trouble and moved her blog to Word Press after a couple of readers recommended taking a look at that host sight. She has since expressed some disappointment with it but has gone ahead and moved. As I told her; my sons set me up at wordpress but I have never completed the process and I think they had second thoughts or something. Anyway you might consider it or another host sight.. It may not fit your needs and style.. Southern Beale's postings here

RYviewpoint said...


Thanks for the info. I'm cynical. I expect if Google treats their bloggers like dirt, then WordPress would do the same.

I'm not sure what WordPress's business plan is, but I understand Google's with Blogger. They want to see advertising. They use people blogging to provide "no cost" content onto which they can piggyback with their advertising.

But it looks like Google is losing interest in the small potatoes money to made off bloggers and is more interested in bigger fish to fry.

I'm afraid that all companies will treat bloggers the same. They are "little people" to be exploited. I don't mind being exploited so long as Google provides a decent platform for my blogging. But once I decide that Google has broken the "contract" where I provide free content for them while they provide a free platform, then I will simply fold up my tent and walk away. My blogging days will be done.

thomas said...


I would prefer that your blogging days not be done, but you have to do what you want.. It makes me profoundly sad to think of you quitting, though. I don't want to think of it right now.

Hope for the best..