Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Beginning and the End of the Universe

Here's the inside scoop from a guy who is "in the know"...

I find it fully that a huge number of people think they really "understand" the universe from a little book that is a couple of thousand years old. The real story is simply incredible. But the smug fundamentalists couldn't be bothered to listen to what science has discovered.

The world is more amazing and mysterious than any single human being could possibly imagine. Science is the collective labour over centuries which has given us deep insights into the big, big world out there. Science is fact, not morals or art. What is annoying is that moralists think they know more about science than the scientists. They disrespect those tens of thousands of people working over centuries to give us our current state of knowledge. And science is truly humbling because scientists are the first to admit that the story is unfinished. There is yet more to know.

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I heart science

My college project was on this, just handed it in.