Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mark Zandi on the US Economy

Here's a guy with a sound, head-on-shoulders, no hysteria view of the US economy...

My only quibble is that letting the Bush tax cuts expire on the top 2% isn't going to endanger anything. If that is a concern, then take the money that will be raised and spend it on a job creation project. Just don't let the rich sock it away with their other millions and billions! Every dollar needs to do its duty. They should all be put to work employing people not feathering the mattress of a billionaire.

Compare the reasonable, thoughtful, toned-down discussion of Mark Zandi to the following. These are the typical "talking heads" that show up on business television to sell fear and greed (this week's flavour of the day)...

You can safely ignore these talking heads. They are completely bedazzled by surface effects and ephemera. All the talk about people, what they said, what the politicians say, this-and-that. Who cares. The real economy is indifferent to opinion. Mark Zandi is looking at data, not a "he said, she said" chit-chat about opinions.

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