Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How Goes the "War on Terrorism"?

The legal cases are a mess. Just look at this McClatchy newspaper report:
U.S. has now lost 75 percent of Guantanamo habeas cases

A federal judge has ordered the release of another Yemeni captive at Guantanamo, the 37th time a war on terror captive in southeast Cuba has won his unlawful detention suit against the U.S. government.

Judge Paul Friedman's order in the case of Hussein Almerfedi at the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., instructs the Obama administration to "take all necessary and appropriate steps to facilitate the release of petitioner forthwith.''


The U.S. government has won just 14 of the 51 decided cases filed by prisoners at Guantanamo, although an appeals court has found a flaw in one of the 14 rulings and ordered a new review in the case of Algerian captive Belkacem Bensayah.
Go read the whole article.

This is pathetic. Not only has the US held these people for years and tortured them. But they end up being released because there is no real evidence linking them to terrorism. This simply makes the US into bully and a fool. This is a great recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. Pitiful.

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