Sunday, August 22, 2010

2008 Financial Crisis & Banking Failures

The following graph shows that the financial crisis is not limited to the Fall of 2008. It is still on-going...

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What is very interesting is how little media coverage there is of the on-going crisis. Not only are banks shaky, but because times are tough for banks, banks aren't lending. If banks don't lend the economy can't grow. If the economy doesn't grow you get more unemployment. And that means the Great Recession drags on and on and on.

The reason why a recession from a banking crisis is different from an ordinary recession: you don't get recovery in lending so business activity stays low which keeps employment low which means the recession drags on and on and on.

Sadly... Obama doesn't seem aware of this. He sees no banking crisis. In fact, he's still giving pep talks telling everybody about how things are "recovering".

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