Saturday, August 14, 2010

Comment on US Economy

I ran across this and found it funny, but very on-the-mark:
The economy is like a burning house. The Fed is the fireman. They're watching the house burn so they can conserve water.
Yep... "helicopter Ben", the guy who promised to simply dump dollar bills from the sky to prevent a recession from becoming a depression has morphed into a fireman more concerned about the water supply than the raging fire. The fatcats who own the water are happy that Ben has saved them from a loss, but those poor old "ordinary" Americans sadly have to watch their house burn down because the Federal Reserve is worried more about water supply (inflation!) than about the house (jobs!).

And here another bit from the same blog:
Used to be, POTUS would pretend to work--clearing brush--while on long vacations. Today, POTUS pretending to vacation @ Gulf, while working.
Who knew Twitter would unleash all these repressed comedians?

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