Friday, April 16, 2010

Us vs Them

For those who fear the "robots", here's a nice video showing how robotic technology give capabilities back to people who have lost limbs. This is Dean Kamen talking at a TED MED conference in Oct 2009.

Here is the 60 Minutes story on Kamen's Luke Arm (as in Luke Skywalker, it is also known as the Deka arm, as in DEan KAmen):

The future, as I see it, is that there will be no armegeddon, a battle to the death between them and us. Nope. We are going to merge with our offspring, the robots.

By the way... I'm still partial to this robot. I don't know, but watching it fold clothes gives me a happy feeling.

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kanna said...

Good day to you and yours.
Be careful taking anything I write seriously-just a heads up.
I wish I had a few housekeeping robots around here. And maybe they can do a few of those heavy jobs I can't and spouse doesn't want to do.