Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Al Jazeera Reports on Afghanistan

Here is an interesting report from Al Jazeera on Muslim fanatics who poisoned school girls and previously barred them from education and threw acid at them:
At least 13 girls have fallen ill after a suspected poisonous gas attack at a school in northern Afghanistan.

The government has accused fighters opposed to female education of being behind the attack.

Sunday's incident - the third in Kunduz province - brings to 80 the number of school girls reporting symptoms such as headaches, vomiting and shivering after suspected poisoning.


But a Taliban spokesman denied the group had any involvement in the attack, and condemned the targeting of school girls.

Girls' schools have been attacked in similar fashion in other parts of Afghanistan over the past few years.

In one attack in Kandahar in 2008, around 15 girls and teachers were sprayed with acid by men on motorbikes.

During Taliban rule, from 1996-2001, girls were banned from attending school.

In parts of southern and eastern Afghanistan, particularly in Taliban strongholds, schools for girls still remain closed.
I sure hope Al Jazeera ran the same story in its Arabic language service. And I would love to see some analysis that discusses where the Muslim religion stands on this practice.

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