Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Arm Yourself to Go Into Battle

Here's a simple 13 page summary of Obama's health care bill. It is produced by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. You know, that leftist pinko commie who happened to be one of the biggest industrialists in the United States. Wikipedia reports just how sold out this guy was:
an American industrialist who became known as the father of modern American shipbuilding. He established the Kaiser Shipyard which built Liberty ships during World War II
Yep... obviously a sleeper agent for Stalin posing as a boat builder waiting his chance to overthrow "liberty". Just look at how he ripped off that name to confuse people and call his ships "Liberty ships". Ask any "tea party" activist, they will tell you that you can't trust anything from Henry Kaiser or his foundation. Not like you can trust a patriot like Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck, both of whom spent years serving their country in the military dodging bullets and putting their life of the line.

Seriously, if you want "just the facts", this is an excellent summary. It will give you the facts to debate the crazy "tea party" activist who are running around spouting all kinds of nonsense (when they aren't out threatening to kill sitting Congressional legislators (Charles Alan Wilson, as reported on MSNBC, that well know pinko organization that simply makes up "facts" as it goes instead of reporting "hard news" like death panels and the illegitimacy of Obama's birth).

As you peruse the documents, look really hard to find those "death panels" that Sarah Palin swore were in the bill. Just search for keywords like "death panel" or "euthanasia" to spot where they snuck that kind of slimeball stuff into this bill. As well, look for "concentration camp" to see how they are planning to rounds up all patriotic Americans and condemn them to a slow death in slave labour camps. Yes... this too has been snuck into this bill. Just see for yourselves!


kanna said...

Good Morning from the Midwestern US.
The Kaiser newsletter is very informative.
"...sleeper agent..."
Love that humor. Humor is always a good way to start a day.

RYviewpoint said...

Kanna: Glad you enjoyed it.