Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mark Fiore Wins a Pullitzer

Here's an editorial cartoon that won the Pulitzer prize this year for Mark Fiore at the San Francisco Chronicle:

It is a satire of the Republicanjavascript:void(0)s policy of "No!" in the face of the health care emergency. It has all the classic lines:
  • Government won't solve everything!

  • Sounds like Socialism to me!

  • The cord of tyranny is what you are trying to pull!

  • A parachute of big government viciousness feeding on the blood of the fallen!

  • If we eliminated gravity fraud we would had more money for paying ground softening corporations!

  • We must start from scratch!
Those are parodies of all the "talking points" of the Republicans during the health care debate. Funny!

Mark Fiore has his own channel on YouTube.

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