Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reinventing History to Hide Your Mistakes

I love the Republicans. They never admit failure. They simply go from one "success" to the next "success" leaving debris, broken lives, and unhappiness in their wake. But they do it with style. They continually wave the flag and proclaim that they are truly "the good guys" despite whatever evidence of misery and deception lies in their wake.

Here's a bit from a posting by Matt Corley on the blog Think Progress:
Yesterday, the libertarian Cato Institute hosted a panel discussion on conservatism and the war in Afghanistan with Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-TN). When the conversation shifted to the war in Iraq, Rohrabacher said that “once President Bush decided to go into Iraq, I thought it was a mistake because we hadn’t finished the job in Afghanistan,” but that once Bush “decided to go in,” he “felt compelled” to “back him up.” He then added that “the decision to go in, in retrospect, almost all of us think that was a horrible mistake.”

Moderator Grover Norquist then asked Rohrabacher to provide a “guesstimate percentage of Republicans in Congress who would share that view — not that they opposed the President at the time, but today looking back.” Rohrabacher replied that “everybody I know thinks it was a mistake to go in now”:

ROHRABACHER: Well, now that we know that it cost a trillion dollars and all of these years and all of these lives and all of this blood, uh, I don’t know many…

NORQUIST: Looking for a number. Two-thirds? One-third?

ROHRABACHER: I, I can’t. All I can say is the people, everybody I know thinks it was a mistake to go in now.

NORQUIST: That’s 100 percent.

The sheer audacity to claim -- after the fact -- that all these GOP Congressmen were against the "mistake"! Poll the public. I don't think anybody is aware that these stalwarts of the GOP were struggling in the dark to push back against bad policy by Bush. All I can remember, and all that the public can remember, are claims of heroic virtue and loud cries that "any questioning of policy was tantamount to treason". Ah... but now the truth comes out. Funny... But it is a day late and a dollar short.

Who are these spineless idiots who continue to strut about as if they had a real political party with a real policy? These are opportunist who lean whichever way the wind blows! They would sell their own mother if they good get a good price.

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