Monday, May 9, 2011

Only in America

There is something bizarrely wrong with American "justice" when the law gets interpreted in this screwball and unfair way. From the Crooks and Liars blog:
The Supreme Court this week refused to hear the case of a teenage girl who was kicked off her cheerleading team after refusing to cheer for the boy who sexually assaulted her.

As a result, she now owes the school $45,000 in legal fees.
Go read the whole post to really appreciate the depth of depravity of a legal system that holds the victim accountable but gives the victimizer a pass.

The original news account is in the UK's Indendent newspaper, a reputable source. This is no hoax.

That judges in the US can make the case that you have a higher responsibility to an institution than to your own dignity and honour is just plain bizarre. Under this "interpretation" of the law, there is no point in have individual "rights". You belong to the state and you have not rights. All you have is responsibilities to institutions and your "betters" no matter how much they step on your neck and crush your face in the mud.

I see the Reagan revolutions (which stuffed the courts with right wing nuts) has reached its fruition. I pity the bottom 90% of Americans. They are being turned into serfs in their own land while the rising new aristocracy gets more and more tax cuts and exemptions and special prerogatives. The bottom 90% find out they have no right to unions, no social safety net, etc.

The above story reminds me of "the good old days" when there were two laws. One for the peasants (no rights) and one for the aristocrats (their sons could rape and loot as they pleased so long as they restricted their avarice and lust to the lower classes). Brave new world.

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