Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Mubarak/Obama Strategy to Crush Egypt Continues

From Al Jazeera:
1:05pm Foreign reporters in Egypt without local credentials were not permitted by the military to enter Tahrir Square today. New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists has just issued a statement accusing the military of detaining journalists and confiscating their equipment.

They say that since January 30, there have been at least 140 direct attacks on journalists trying to cover the ongoing unrest in Egypt.
The Western press is full of slaps on the back about how "stability and security" are being achieved by the "control" over the revolt in Egypt. The muzzling of the press goes on. That is the "control" that Mubarak/Obama want. They continue to hope to strangle the revolt in its cradle. But today there are huge demonstrations today in various cities in Egypt. Will the strategy of empty concessions and endless delay of democratic changes win?

Does an Egyptian regime which is still playing "tricks" by showing patriotic scenes and playing mood music rather than televise the demonstrations and talk to the demonstrators give a hint about the regime's intentions? It is clear that the "authorities" are intent on suppressing the revolt. Here's the relevant Al Jazeera report:
5:15pm Egyptian State TV is currently not showing the live images from Tahrir Square.Instead they are showing a split screen with images of Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian Vice president, sitting in a meeting with minister, and images of people walking on a Nile bridge.
I'm sure that Obama's advisors are high fiving each other on having "contained" the revolt. The plotting of the Mubarak/Obama team is successfully smothering democracy so that "stability and security" can be achieved. Yes, the stability and security of high regime figures (including Army generals) who pile up cash on the backs of a people who have been subjugated, terrorized, and controlled in the interests of the West and the ultra-rich at the top of the Egyptian social heap. Sad.

The struggle continues...

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