Wednesday, February 23, 2011

International Community Snoozes while Libyan People Looses

There are all kinds of calls on international bodies to "act now" on the crisis in Libya, but since Obama has decided to do what he has done with every other democratic outbreak, i.e. put on the snooze button and wait to see "what develops", nobody is taking any action.

Here's a call from Amnesty International on Al Jazeera:
9.27pm: Rights group, Amnesty International, has launched a petition to the US president and the US representative to the UN, calling for immediate action against the attrocities taking place in Libya.

The petition states:

Libyan leader Mu'ammar al-Gaddafi and his government appear to be prepared to kill an unlimited number of people to stay in power.

The international community should act now to put a stop to the bloodshed.

To read more, and to sign the petition, click here.
I remain deeply unhappy with muddle along do-nothing Obama. This is a historic opportunity to help the Middle East join the 21st century and build democracies across the region, but Obama would rather have "security and stability" under madmen like Gadaffi than have people with democratic control over their own lives. Sad.

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