Monday, February 21, 2011

Obama: "Leading" from Behind

At 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time US Secretary of State finally issued a statement about the humanitarian disaster in Libya brought on by a mad leader willing to use his military to bomb, machine gun, and sniper shot them to death. It is one of those memorable "we regret to hear" bland political statements (see here). In short, the elephant has given birth to a mouse.

If you go to the Obama white house site, you find that he has made no statement about Libya since Feb 18. I guess he is "too busy" to worry about carnage and blood running in the streets. It reminds me of Bush's inability to take time out from his political backslapping in San Diego to notice that Katrina has caused a major disaster in New Orleans killing several thousand.

This is exactly the same kind of "lead from behind" strategy of Obama in Egypt. Rather than "lead" he lets facts meander and turn out however they will. After things "clarify" Obama then steps forward to put himself "on the side of history". That is the sleaziest kind of "leadership".

Meanwhile, from Al Jazeera there is honest reporting on what is happening in Libya:
10:25pm: More on the resignation of the two diplomats from the embassy in Washington DC. Counsels Saleh Ali Al Majbari and Jumaa Faris denounced Gaddafi, saying he "bears responsibility for genocide against the Libyan people in which he has used mercenaries".

They said they had nothing to do with the events and they no longer represent Gaddafi’s regime - but that they represent the Libyan people. The pair also called on Barack Obama to "work urgently with the international community to press for an immediate cessation of the massacres of the Libyan people", and they are asking the United Nations to impose a no-fly zone imposed on Libya to prevent the arrival of mercenaries to Libya.

Tragic. The video above shows a representative of the Libyan people who is so disgusted he has called for Gaddafi to step down. When asked what is being organized at the US, this representative essentially says "nothing is being organized". You can thank the "leader" Obama for that. Yes, Obama at the forefront of democracy, once again stepping out to help lead people from out under the boot of an oppressive tyrant! Oh yeah. Obama... the guy who "leads" by waiting for the smoke to clear, for the chips to fall as they may, so that he can step on the world stage and use his golden voice to assure everybody that the US is "in charge" and "looking after" them. Sure. Just like Gaddafi, the "father" of his people, is looking after all those Libyans through the love he is showing with bullets and bombs.

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