Friday, February 25, 2011


Here is a film trying to humanize the protests in Wisconsin:

I'm more of a "just the facts, Ma'am" kind of guy, so this kind of "massaged" message doesn't do it for me, but I realize that a lot of people are more persuaded by pictures of puppy dogs and personalized pleas. So the above is to "give a human face" to the protest.

For a nuts & bolts guy like me, the facts are that the Republicans have been on a 30 year crusade to beat down the middle and working classes while giving all the breaks to their buddies, the ultra-rich. They have been wildly successful. Taxes are extremely low on the rich. Wealth has shifted from being reasonable well distributed to being hoarded by the top 1% with everybody else treading water (and actually sinking below water as real wages don't keep up with inflation). It is a political agenda that they called "trickle down" economics. With 30 years of experience, people should be able to judge for themselves just how much "trickle down" has occurred.

Bush called all of his tax cuts "necessary" to kick start the economy, but the 2001-2007 "recovery" was the worst ever experienced. The rich hoarded the tax cuts. Economists warned the Repubilcans about this. But the ideology of the Republicans is to do everything possible to reward the rich while beating down everybody else.

I don't need "heartfelt" video to sell me. I use the facts. But for those who want mood music, people-oriented messages, and puppy dogs, the above video is meant to let you get in on the "debate" about Wisconsin.

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