Monday, February 21, 2011

England is "Shocked" by Libya's Civilian Deaths

I'm sure that mothers and fathers across Libya will find consolation in the fact that the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague is "shocked" by the civilian deaths and calls for Gadaffi to stop killing his own people. Oh yeah... that will stop the madman grimly determined to hold on to his multi-billion dollar golden goose laying multi-billion dollar golden eggs for him and his children...

But the world has pause and take a deep breath. Surely that wonderous leader Obama will be quick on the case to ensure that madness does not consume a large portion of the Libyan civilian population. Oh wait... Obama is the one who keeps dragging his feet about "security and stability" and while he says he "admires" democracy, he seems to have a real problem with actually accepting that people "deserve" democracy. Looks like the Libyan people are effectively screwed. The EU is groveling at the feet of Gadaffi because he supplies them oil and the US is so concerned about its "image" among its autocratic henchman following in the Arab world that they have a hard time uttering the word "democracy".

I was afraid of large scale massacres in Egypt. I was surprised at how relatively lightly that revolution was achieved. So I was hopeful for Libya, but now history slaps me in the face again. You can't know the future. Libya will be an even worse nightmare than I ever expected. I cry for the people of Libya. They will have to earn their freedom the hard way... going up up against large calibre machine guns, artillery, naval bombardment, and bombing from military jets. It will be bloody, very bloddy.

Meanwhile, Libyan ambassadors around the world have broken with the regime. At the United Nations, the Libyan representatives are asking for a immediate Security Council meeting to bring in a resolution with teeth to do something like put up a air space restriction to keep Libyan jets from bombing their own people. Of course the Obama administration has rushed to assist this measure through the... wait a second, sorry, it appears that Obama is fumbling around trying to find an "appropriate response" to the killings in Libya. It appears that he thinks that a UN resolution would be "too harsh". I guess he knows that Gadaffi has a "sensitive temperament" and his feelings would be hurt if the world passed such a "harsh" condemnation of his use of his own troops to massacre large numbers of civilians. Obama wants to "respect" the feelings of Gadaffi...

Well... there go the politicians. Lovely words, no action. Lots of "big principles" but no commitment. Nothing real. Just posturing.

Oh... I see that Obama has "leaped" into action and called for a UN Security Council meeting for Tuesday March 22 -- oh wait a second, I failed to give Obama full credit for "timeliness", I stand corrected he is calling for the UN Security Council to meet on Feb 22 -- that will certainly help those citizens already dead and the many that will die between the call midday Feb 21 by Libyan ambassadors to the UN for a quick session of the Security Council to put air space restrictions on Gadaffi to stop the bombing of civilians. I continue to be impressed how "swifty" Obama can leap into action and get things done at the speed of molasses.

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