Monday, February 21, 2011

A Comparison of Executive Efficiency

Obama will take about 48 hours to get a UN Security Council meeting to sit and start hearing arguments over whether and if and how many civilians have been killed by presumed or assumed or inferred or conceived jet planes dropping bombs maybe on Libyan civilians.

Meanwhile Gadaffi has put out an immediate call. From Al Jazeera:
1:20am: Al Jazeera Arabic reports that adverts appear in Guinea and Nigeria offering would-be mercenaries up to US $2000 dollars per day
Now... if you were a betting person, who do you think has the real desire, the real heart, the real drive to win this contest of wills? You want to bet on "swifty" Obama or on Gadaffi. Looks to me that Gadaffi is a sprinter while Obama fancies himself a marathoner. I sure hope all those Libyan civilians can tread water, can dodge bullets, can survive days, weeks, and probably months of bombing while "flash" Obama brings world opinion to bear and rein in "mad dog" Gadaffi.

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