Saturday, May 1, 2010

The George Bush Legacy

This picture from the NY Times sums up what George Bush has done to the average American:

He has taken hope and optimism away. More people now see a worse future than a better future. This from the guy who presented himself as a cocky "regular guy" who wasn't too interested in the details of being a President but who was cocksure that his extreme right wing views were the right "medicine" for the country. During his presidency he kept cutting taxes for the rich as the prescription for stimulating the economy and creating "jobs, jobs, jobs". Instead, he delivered The Great Recession. So the people soured:

The blue line shows the big bump up on approval rating for Bush when the US was attacked. But he squandered that in his failed economic policies and his "war of choice, not necessity" in Iraq.

What amazes me is that fully 30% of the US population still holds him in high regard. What kind of disasters would it take to convince these people that their leader was a mistake and a disaster to the nation. I'm wondering what the "approval ratings" were for Hitler in May 1945. Using the above, I'm guessing Hitler would have polled about a 30% approval rating as people stood in the rubble he left behind.

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