Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TSA Security Theatre: Egyptian Chapter

The US has spent billion on airport security, bought some awfully expensive scanners, one's that literally strip you so the inspector can check you genitals, and this happens...
Weapons found by Egypt customs

Police in Egypt have arrested an Egyptian-American academic discovered to have several weapons in his luggage as he arrived on a flight from the US.

Officials said they saw the man, named as Mohammed Ibrahim Marei, a professor of botany, "behaving nervously" as he waited to pass through customs.

In his bags they found two handguns, 250 bullets, several swords, daggers and knives.

He had arrived on an Egyptair flight from New York to Cairo.

The authorities said they had launched an investigation, it was reported.

It was not immediately clear how the man was able to get through security in New York and board the plane.
I've added the bold in the last line of the above BBC news report.

Something is seriously wrong when Egyptian airport security can catch a guy carrying a small arsenal of weapons but the US's TSA couldn't find these items. I'm wondering just how this guy got these past the metal detectors, the scanners, the x-rayed luggage, and the guy who pulls all your stuff out of your suitcases, ties them in knots, and slops them back into the suitcase.

I'm wondering: did he have the swords down his pant leg or were they strapped to the side of the suitcases?

There are serious deficiencies in the US security system. Too much money is being spent and it is paying for security "theatre" and not for safety.

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