Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nature's Fury

Here is a bit from a post about surviving a recent tornado in Oklahoma:
It’s not every day you ride out a tornado. A direct hit from an F3 that was something like 1/2 a mile wide. I never believed it would happen to us, but it sure as heck did, and it took only seconds to blow our house apart, snap off every one of our beautiful oaks, flatten the surrounding forest, sweep away the barn, trash both vehicles, and bury everything we own under a mountain of debris.

We walked away without a scratch.

This miracle was provided by a sturdy steel box we had installed in the garage floor following the last tornado outbreak,11 years ago almost to the day. Before that, we would hunker in a crawl space under the stairs when severe storms blew through. Yesterday, the crawl space wouldn’t have been enough. Nothing above ground could have protected us from that kind of fury.
Go read the original post to get more details and pictures.

I much prefer to read about "gripping tales" of fierce storms, heroic acts, war, flood, devastation, etc. than actually experience it. I'm big on vicarious learning experiences. I keep hoping that my life will be dull and uneventful (sadly it isn't). The only adventures I want are the Walter Mitty type.

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