Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More "Straight Talk Express"

I love the carefully crafted propaganda effort the following represents...

Yep... I figure about 8 million fully armed troops backed up with 150,000 fully armoured tanks patrolling the weak points, and maybe 10,000 fighter jets flying sorties to strafe and kill those who would dare attempt to violate American's Southern border would be the right recipe for success.

Then McCain and turn his attention to the porous and susceptible northern border. It would take only 3,500 miles of 20 foot high fence backed up with a modest force of 6 million fully armed troops covered by 130,000 fully armoured tanks patrolling the weak points. This may be tricky, the US/Mexico border is flat as a pancake compared to about 1000 miles of the US/Canada border.

Next McCain, as an ex-Navy guy, can turn his attention to setting up a 5 million man Navy with 50,000 ships to patrol the 4,000 miles of ocean that borders America.

Let's see, if we draft every male between the age of 18 and 28 that should just do the trick. And this has the added benefit of not just preventing those immigrants from taking American jobs, this 19 million man combined army & navy will employ every unemployed person as well as suck up another 9 million who would just be wasting their time at college or university. Yes, we can! We can do this just as Our Dear Leader, John McCain has shown us.

I love those words "It will work this time". Sure, that's exactly what every batter in baseball says after three strikes and he pleads for "just one more swing of the bat". Surely it will work this time!

OK... I'm being sarcastic. I get really bothered by politicians who pretend that hard problems have simple answers, politicians who believe a "let's get tough" is the answer to all of life's problems.

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