Friday, May 14, 2010

The Crazy Right is Back!

The following is from a Pew Research study into Millennials (those born after 1980). To me it shows that voters have the mind of a gnat. George Bush and the Republicans almost succeeded in completely destroying the US economy. He created 10 million unemployed and a trillion dollar deficit (on top of his trillion dollar tax giveaway to the ultra rich and the unnecessary war in Iraq and the botched war in Afghanistan and the pathetically slow response to Katrina, etc., etc.).

Despite all that, the young Millennials are falling in love all over again with the rhetoric of the Right. Yep, blame the "socialists" for all that ails the country. Just give Wall Street free rein, loosen up regulations, more free trade, lower taxes... the Millennials are buying into this insanity all over again...

It is enough to make a grown man weep. Support for the rabid right wing is now higher than it was in 2004! How can people -- young people -- be that stupid? They are giving their heads on a platter to let the rabid right go back to its old tricks of despoiling the middle and lower classes to let the ultra rich grow even more unfathomably wealthy!

Does nobody remember that Bush's big call in 2004 was to disassemble the Social Security System and move people -- the Millennials included -- into the stock market, into the maw of Wall Street? If he had succeeded, where would they be today? Does nobody remember?

Go see the Pew Research report here.

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