Saturday, February 5, 2011

The US as "Purveyor of Peace"

The only major industry left in the US is making weapons. The American people think of their country as "favouring" peace around the world. But they don't realize that the policies of the US set the world up for conflict.

Egypt is now the big powderkeg that may go "boom!". And what is in this powderkeg? From Barry Ritholtz's The Big Picture blog:
When that democratically elected government in Egypt comes to power, as it soon will, it will control a standing army of 500,000, an airforce of over 500 planes, half of them new F-16s, over 4,000 tanks, 1000 of which are new Abrams A1As,a dozen batteries of the most sophisticated anti aircraft missiles in the world and an untold number of Scud B rockets–much more accurate than those which Saddam Hussein threw at Tel Aviv in Gulf War I . All supplied by the US, of course.
As the author of the above bit points out: the average Egyptian utterly hates Israel. So how safe will the Israeli's be? Not very.

The idiotic US has armed all the parties in the Mid-East. It has set up the powderkeg. Don't be surprised if it goes "boom!"

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