Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Obama: A Monster

I've had it. I'm beyond reason in my rage of impotence.

The West called for "democracy" in the Arab world (Bush, then Obama). But when it breaks out, they are like Mao with his "let a hundred flowers bloom" campaign, i.e. it ends up being a cynical ploy to isolate and kill the democrats.

This reminds me of how as the Cold War broke out, the US set up "Voice of America" and encouraged Eastern Europeans to fight communism. Then when they rose up, like the Hungarian Revolution who overthrew their Stalinist leader and set the Soviet tanks fleeing. But when Khrushchev organized the Warsaw Pact to invade Hungary in force and crush the revolution, the West, under Eisenhower, decided to look away and let the revolution to be crushed with thousands killed and tens of thousands fleeing across the border, and tens if not hundreds of thousands sent off to "re-education camps" by the Communists. The West encouraged the uprising with an implicit promise of support, but when it came, the let the poor Hungarians face the tanks alone.

This is like Bush the First who called on the Iraqis to rise up against Saddam Hussein. But when they did, Bush gave permission to Hussein to use helicopters despite a "no fly" prohibition to crush the uprisings. Why? Bush decided that he didn't "trust" the Shiite uprising. He had "preferred" that the Army revolt. They didn't, but the Shiites did and Bush couldn't be bothered with that. That wasn't "the American script". So tens of thousands we butchered by Saddam Hussein while America pretended it was "not involved".

This social revolution sweeping the Arab world was called for by the West. Now that it is happening, gutless "leaders" like Obama have decided to back the butchers like Mubarak and let them turn loose goons on the crowds. And I have no doubt that today or tomorrow we will see the Army released like in Tiananmen to crush the remnants of the revolt. This is utterly cynical. It is cruel. But this is what Obama is doing because he doesn't quite like the shape of the revolt and have quavered and has now decided to stick with his buddies, the bloody dictators, rather than give open support to the social revolutionaries.

It is disgusting. I am at a point of moral exhaustion. This is the story of history repeated again and again. Those on top play with the lives of the "little people". They encourage them but then drop them when things aren't "controlled" to their liking and let them be slaughtered. It is an abomination!

Obama is down at the bottom of US presidents in my book. He is a butcher. He has failed the moral test. I consign him the inner circles of Hell along with his buddy George Bush. Obama has continued Bush's policy of torture. Obama has continued the fruitless, interminable wars in the Middle East, and now Obama has sacrified the flower of the new generation in the Islamic world so he can embrace his bloody dictators. It is sick, disgusting, and I cannot forgive him.

What is outrageous is the moral posturing of the US, i.e. it "doesn't want to get involved in the internal affairs of another country". This from the country that for 60 years has thought nothing of assassinating/deposing leaders of other countries (Mossadeq in Iraq in 1953, Ngo Dihn Diem in in South Vietnam in 1963, Salvador Allende in Chile in Chile in 1973, the "extraction" of Manuel Noriega from Panama in 1989, Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954, death squads throughout Latin America from the 1950s until the 1990s, the illegal invasion of Mexico in the Mexican-American war in 1946, the vicious massacre and displacement of native bands across the America territory such as Trail of Tears and Long Walk and Wounded Knee, etc. etc.), the Philippine-American war of 1899, the murder of Patrice Lumumba in the Belgian Congo in 1961, and the list goes on and on. The hands of US presidents run with blood. So for Obama to pretend that his "hands are tied" and has to give Mubarak free reign to turn his goons and secret police loose on the demonstrators is disgusting. It is a lie!

The hands of the US are "tied" only in the sense that they find the butchers and dictators they support are more "malleable" than popular leaders arising from populist revolts. The US publicly talks about "democracy" but in reality it loves the closely embrace bloody dictators. The US is morally corrupt, and Obama is a fake as a "liberal". He is a cruel, calculated, murderous leader interested only in advancing the "corporate" interests of the US, not the legitimate democratic aspirations of people around the world.

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