Friday, February 11, 2011

The Machines Are Among Us

The inevitable encroachment of machines upon human intelligence continue. Here is a very impressive performance of a machine at the game of Jeopardy:

It was only a decade ago that machines finally tromped humans in the game of chess, a very restricted rule-bound game. Jeopardy is closer to human intellignece because it requires an ability to jump around in broad areas of information and use indirect clues to get the answer.

Can the day of reckoning be far behind?

Seriously... it will be a very interesting world when we have machine more intelligent than ourselves busying themselves around us while we plod along in our DNA-limited evolution. I can see human intelligence making it to the stars, but it is going to be in a machine body, not in human bodies. The world continues to be an wonderfully exciting place with surprises. Machines will surprise us. They aren't going to "subjugate" us, but they may lose interest in us as they develop their own agenda for the future.

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