Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egypt, Now What?

The news is reporting that there has been a "military coup" and that Mubarak will leave. It also says that elections will now be held in two months. That sounds good. But the news goes on to say that Omar Suleiman, Mubarak's right hand man and the head of intelligence (the secret police, spies, and thugs) will take charge). What?

I guess this is more of Obama's maneuvering to give the appearance of "change you can believe in" while keeping the same regime in place.

I will be curious to see the people's reaction. This may be enough to diffuse the protests, but if that is the case then the Mubarak/Obama strategy will have won (except that Mubarak go elbowed aside by last minute maneuvering as the White House realized that the weren't going to be able to sell the idea of 9 more months of Mubarak "in transition" to the Egyptian people).

Here is the grim reality from earlier in the protests:

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