Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt: Descent into Hell

Well... Obama has gotten what his dithering has made inevitable. Egypt is now falling into a violent mess. Mubarak has tried every gambit he can manage to cling to power. The latest is to unleash "pro Murbarak demonstrators" loose on the anti-Mubarak demonstrators...

From a Sky News report:

Prime Minster David Cameron and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon have used strong language in their condemnation of the violence, calling for President Mubarak to go immediately.

Mr Cameron called the scenes "despicable" and warned: "If it turns out that the regime in any way has been sponsoring or tolerating this violence, that would be completely and utterly unacceptable."
It is utterly obvious to everybody but the politicians that this is yet another maneuver by Mubarak. He truly is despicable.

The longer the West dithers and refuses to cut aid off to Mubarak, the bigger the bloodbath will be. Tragic.

The West stood by as the Chinese Communists crushed the Tiananmen demonstrations. It appears they will do the same yet again. From the Al Jazeera blog:
7:21pm An anti-government protester tells Al Jazeera, "It's a siege mentality. The image that comes to mind is Tiananmen Square." Seconds later, Egyptian TV begins making an announcement repeatedly:
You have to evacuate Tahrir Square immediately. We've got confirmed information that violent groups are heading toward Tahrir Square carrying firebombs and seeking to burn the Square.
These decisions to "not intervene" have terrible consequences. The failure of the democracies to intervene and save Spain from the military revolt by Franco gave Hitler and Mussolini a testing ground and preparation for WWII. It convinced Hitler that the West was "easy pickings" because they wouldn't stand up to violence. The failure to act led directly to WWII. The old saying is "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" but obviously Obama and the other Western leaders are too stupid to realize this. Instead, they will make the same mistakes made in the past.

Mubarak cares not a whit for humanity or history. He only wants power. He is willing to crush and destroy everything to keep in power... at the age of 82!
6:12pm Al Jazeera reporting that the Egyptian museum was fire bombed and the army is now trying to put out the fire.
Priceless bits of the past that survived for 4000 years are being lost because of one vile dictator. Incredible.

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