Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cynical Maneuvering by the US

I just watched an NBC national news program where they highlighted a "backlash" against the Egyptian protesters by "ordinary" Egyptians who supposedly just want to get back to work.

This is the plan by Mubarak and Obama to crush the Egyptian revolution. It is a divide-and-conquer strategy using delaying tactics to wear out all but the most fanatical. It will probably succeed in the short run, but Obama has made a deal with the Devil. If this spontaneous revolution is crushed by the Mubarak-Obama deal, then things will go quiet for a while, but the next revolt will be blood and it will be ideological and it won't be led by middle class youth with stars in their eyes. It will be led by the most battle-hardened, most fanatical of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama will "win" at the cost of an Egypt turned fundamentalist and anti-West in a most profound sense.

Obama is an idiot. He is throwing away a middle class revolt for short term "security and stability". But the reality is that when the Egyptian people rise the next time, they will remember the dagger in the back from America, and they will be far more angry, far more violent. The Israelis should be in deep despair because this Mubarak-Obama strategy will ensure they will be crushed by an Arab revolt that will have no limits.

I always thought Obama was smart, but just not a "leader". I now realize that he isn't even smart. He has sold his soul to the devil and is willing to wager away the future of peace for a short term "security and stability" situation under an 84 year old tyrant who refuses to give up power.

If there were a serious deal to reform Egypt, the state-owned TV would have invited the various political parties to start broadcasting. You wouldn't continue to get the idiotic propaganda that continues to come from that state media. You would get the state police and thugs called off, but they haven't. You would get back freedom for journalists to report the news, but they haven't.

The Mubarak-Obama "plan" is a charade. It is a big lie to get past the immediate crisis. But it will be paid for in blood because the people will remember that they were sold down the river not just by their corrupt leader, Mubarak, but also by the corrupt and indifferent and cruel American leader, Obama.

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