Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Film "Waitress"

I watched the film Waitress today. It was delightful. I loved the photography with the pies and the crazy names for them. The story was good. It was a "slice of life" with its mixture of pain and humour and unexpected events and struggles and resolutions. In short, a modern morality play. Nicely done.

Go watch the film's trailer here to get a taste of this film.

I'm always amazed at what is commercially successful versus what is good. So much schlock to make a quick buck. So much junk aimed at a teenage audience. You know, the dumb and dumber films, the young male action films with shoot 'em up and bombs blowing up, the quick turnaround films about some top-of-the-news story like an axe murder by a teenage hermaphrodite who kills everybody during a Christian retreat.

There are some good films made for this sweet spot of demographics for audiences. But now that I'm an old curmudgeonly guy, and they don't make films for me anymore. I'm in the vanishingly small demographic of "wants to have well made films, good screenplay, good acting, delightful photography, and something artistically fresh". That means I'm about 0.1% of the audience for films, so Hollywood obligingly ignores me. Oh well.

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