Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bad News the Americans Out of Work

Here is a bit from a report on Bloomberg News:
Since the U.S. recession began in December 2007, Congress has extended the length of unemployment benefits for the jobless three times. Now, the lawmakers may have reached their limit.

They are quietly drawing the line at 99 weeks of aid, a mark that hundreds of thousands of Americans have already reached. In coming months, the number of those who will receive their final government check is projected to top 1 million.
This is an unusually long and deep recession, the worst since the Great Depression. That's why it is called The Great Recession. For the above 1 million, their life will be grim just like the millions of long term unemployed -- the hobos -- of the Great Depression. It is very, very hard to pick up the pieces of your life after your been thrown onto the street with no resources for nearly two years. You've lost all confidence. Employers will go with a fresh face, somebody more hopeful. You keep getting pushed aside for the rest of your life. It is a tragedy.

Sure, for a few years, people feel sorry for you and the remember the "hard times". But in twenty years, these victims of the recession will only be seen as bums, and drunks, and wrecks the deserve the catastrophe that is their lives. People will have forgotten since 99% of the population avoided the grim reality of years without work. That 99% are not cruel and heartless, they are just busy with their lives and forget the details of the past. The young grow up and never really understand because it isn't their reality. That's how society casts off the victims of The Great Recession.

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