Sunday, October 2, 2011

US Unemployment

Here is a nice picture from Richard Green at USC:

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Green states:
Cuts in state and local government jobs (police officers, school teachers, firefighters, DMV workers) are putting a drag on employment growth. Moreover, this picture understates the problem, because total compensation to many state and local workers has been cut.
The US federal government needs a stimulus to both hire directly via a WPA program as well as to fund state and local authorities to re-hire teachers, police, firefighters, etc.

Sadly, the idiotic right wing party, the Republicans, are more interested in wrecking the economy so they can blame Obama and win the 2012 election than they are in saving the country for its citizens. Personally, I think the Republicans should be arrested for economic crimes -- condemning 25 million to unemployment and the loss of homes through foreclosure -- so that politicians who are interested in solving America's problems can step forward and put the country back on a path of progress.

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