Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ignorance of the Workings of Capitalism

Here is a poor misguided woman who apparently doesn't understand the secrets of "financial engineering" and the kind of "God's work" that Lloyd Blankfein is doing at Goldman Sachs.

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The successful capitalists, like all the big shots on Wall Street running the big financial institutions in the US, know that the secret to getting billion dollar bonuses is just what this woman is complaining about.

And this woman should know that Barack Obama, his Attorney General, Eric Holder, his Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, and his Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, have all assured us that doing this kind of slice-and-dice securitized mortagages -- as well as the using bribes to get the big ratings companies to stamp them as AAA -- is all completely legal.

They keep assuring us that "nobody is hurt" by financial engineering because these instruments were bought by "sophisticated investors" who obviously understood that within weeks of buying AAA-rated bonds they would blow up and become worthless junk. That is exactly what "sophisticated investors" are known to do. And this is exactly the job of big Wall Street firms. To take billion dollar investors and sign them up for so-called AAA-rated investments which "mysteriously" blow up just weeks after you buy them.

That's not criminal that's just good salemanship. Just like a used car salesman who sells you a 1992 Buick with 300,000 miles on it with a brakes that don't work, a transmission that can't get out of first gear, and whose engine puts out clouds of noxious black smoke and gets you to pay $20,000 for the "little gem of a car" is just showing his highly skilled automotive expertise and deserves the big bonuses from the fly-by-night used car lot owner. No crime here when the salesman by tells you the car has passed all mechanical inspections and is in "top-top shape" and you just need to get the car out on the road to do a shakedown drive to get those brakes working, the engine to settle down, and the transmission to start changing gears. Nobody would think that salesman should be arrested for this. It isn't misrepresentation to claim this care is in "mint condition", right?

That's capitalism... at least according to the big bonus CEOs of Wall Street, and Obama and his administration, all all the big shots in the Republican party. All of these big important people are telling us that the $10 trillion collapse in the econonmy, the 25 million unemployed, the 10 million foreclosed homes are just "normal business" and no crimes have been committed. This is just the wonders of "the market" where the nimble and clever get handsomely rewarded while the bottom 99% get fleeced.

All the politicians are telling us there has been no crime. Taxpayers will just have to "suck it up" and bail out the big boys so they can kept their billion dollar bonuses. The only arrests needed is for that riffraff on the streets with those threatening and illegal "occupy!" signs. Those protesters are attacking the very foundations of our society and won't be happy until they have brought down the proud institutions that have delivered "the American way of life".

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