Thursday, October 27, 2011

OWS in Song & Dance

What social movement worth its salt doesn't give birth to creative arts? I find this interesting as a blend of gospel and high opera music with a gritty visual realism:

I like this poster by Lalo Alcaraz because it is playful. It has a serious message but it tempers it by using the humourous image of the prototypical "capitalist" from the Monopoly game:

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In this post he deals with a commenter who tries to take him to task for being anti-corporations when his very job depends on them and that he should be grateful to the corporations. His reply was excellent:
Corporations and Wall St. are not doing us any favors, they are making money off of US. If you believe otherwise, you are not clear on the Occupy Wall St. issue or any of the recent economic disasters going on for the past 30 years!

I want Wall Street and all who benefit from our economy to give up their monopolistic control of the economy so that it is more equitable for all. YOU are suggesting some kind of shadow “communist” critique, no one is calling for the destruction of capitalism, the rich have perverted it enough. We want fairness.
This is the perfect rejoinder to someone who would twist the protest into an "anti-capitalist rant". He points out that he has no problem with corporations. He objects to how they have corrupted the political system and stolen the voice from the people. The goal of the OWS movement is political renewal and economic justice.

And documentary film makers are having a field day "getting out the message" in so many ways:

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