Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Wall Street Always Wins in Politics

Here's a bit from an article in Mother Jones about Elizabeth Warren. Look at the money being marshalled by Wall Street to defeat her:
Warren is expected to win the Democratic nomination, which won't be formally decided until next September. A survey by Public Policy Polling last month, just after she entered the race, gave Warren a two point edge over Brown. But the race is expected to be a battle. Warren has already raised $3 million in an abbreviated first quarter of fundraising, and Brown has $10.5 million cash on hand—much of it from Wall Street.
The attack ads are already lined up and ready to go to try to take her down. Hopefully she wins. She is an honest person not yet corrupted by politics (and is hopefully uncorruptable, but you can't tell).

Go read the rest of the article to see how the right wing press is trying to trip her up by painting her as a "radical" over Occupy Wall Street.

After you digest the above, you are ready to read Matt Taibbi's post on his Rolling Stone blog entitled "Wall Street Isn't Winning – It's Cheating".

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