Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bill Black on Defusing the Financial Crisis

Hard to believe but we are three years into the Financial Crisis of 2008 and still there has been no effective solution. Here is a video in which Bill Black discusses the situation. At 3:35 in the video he comes out with the recommendations which I favour: fire Geithner, fire Bernanke, fire Eric Holder:

I like the bit about getting the FBI to stop wasting time on the "little folk" and go after the frauds of the big banks.

At 7:50 into the video, Bill Black identifies positive actions that Obama could take immediately without any action by Congress. It is simple: get the regulatory agencies to police the financial industry!

Obama has failed the people because he had a chance to come in and clean up the slime of 30 years of "trickle down" economics in which lobbying by corporations has absolutely corrupted the US government. At 9:50 in the video, Bill Black calls Obama an "abject failure" for failing to rein in the corruption of the financial industry and the his indifference of failure of the regulators to take seriously their duty to regulate.

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